Download Adobe Photoshop CS and ImageReady CS Activation crack by Amr Said

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emu.dll 1177209 958046
AdobeLM.dll 3072 734
Tw10122.dat 3072 436
Readme.txt 852 469
crack.exe 219136 85367


How To deal with serial expiry of PhotoShop CS & ImageReady CS

1. To use this serial number for the installation,
please change the system date to year 2003.

2. After the installation, skip the Activation.
And copy files in the ZIP file to the installation directory.

3. Then change back the system date to 2004
and you will find that the PS CS serial had been expired.

4. Use the following crack.
Edit the files "Photoshop.exe" & "ImageReady.exe"
with Ultra Edit or other text editor.

And change the following terms:

PhotoShop CS

FROM->00231400h: 740A 682C9DFFFFE8240D72008B4C2404 ;
TO->  00231400h: EB0A 682C9DFFFFE8240D72008B4C2404 ;

ImageReady CS

FROM->0002da40h: B7FA0FBFEE3BFD5F5D 7FE4 3BC1751A0F ;
TO->  0002da40h: B7FA0FBFEE3BFD5F5D 9090 3BC1751A0F ;


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