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keygen for CD Copy Master v1.0.1.0283 WinALL Regged iMPORTANT SCENE NOTE READ PLS by YPOGEiOS


________                THE FUTURE iS NEARBY!                ________
    /_     _/____________________________________________________/       /
     /    /      _/        /      /       /        /___/       /    /___/_
     \_____     /   _  /  /      /  _____/_   _   /___        /\____      \
         _/    /   //____/ /    /  /__    / \____/   /   /   /     /      /
        /_____/   /_  /________/_    /   /      /   /_______/      ______/
            /______/            /_______/\_____/____\      /______/

                        P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S

   ┌────┤ CD Copy Master v1.0.1.0283 WinALL Regged iMPORTANT SCENE NO ├────┐
   ┌────┤                         TE READ PLS                         ├────┐
  ┌│    └┬─│───────────────────────────────────────────────────────│─┬┘    │┐
  ││                                                                       ││
  ││   CRACKER................YPOGEiOS │ RELEASE DATE.........06/05/2009   ││
  ││   SUPPLiER...............YPOGEiOS │ FiLE TYPE...............ZiP/RAR   ││
  ││   PACKER.................YPOGEiOS │ FiLE SiZE............02/.5.00MB   ││
  ││   RELEASE TYPE...............PROG │ OS.......................WinAll   ││
  ││   CRACK TYPE..............PATCHED │ PROTECTOR..................NONE   ││
  └│                                                                       │┘
   [   ]                      RELEASE DESCRiPTiON                      [   ]
        The scene of nowaday is far away from being fucked up, hence     
        people dont even know what they're doing. This nfo is about      
        our previous release                                             
        Animated.GIF.producer.v4.0.WinALL.Cracked-YPOGEiOS released      
        in the 0day section on 0506.                                     
        Some guys claimed we have stolen the crack, we at YPOGEiOS       
        would never accept that. We're going to proof we didn't stole    
        this crack.                                                      
        Image 01:                                                        
        0063B2D4   .  E8 8B35E3FF   CALL 0046E864                        
        This is the call where the application starts at this piece      
        of code the trial code did not get executed. After this call     
        had been executed the program will load in full version mode.    
        This code is not hard to understand even a beginner would        
        notice what this CALL does. Check the proof if you don't         
        believe us.                                                      
        Image 02:                                                        
        0063B351    A1 9C316500     MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[65319C]        
        Now here comes the best part, this is the call that loads the    
        whole trial mode. Just check it out, once this piece of code     
        gets executed the application starts in the trial mode.          
        Conclusion, NOP this call then there is no trial limit.          
        Image 03:                                                        
        We even NOPPED it again and showing the application running      
        in full version mode, JUST to proof the unnuke wasn't right      
        and we didn't steal any crack from anygroup. NOPPING that        
        call is the only way to get rid of the trial limits, we bet      
        it was the same story with the previous versions. I wonder if    
        they got nuked and labeled as stolen too.                        
        Now guys tell us, that wasn't hard at all, do you really         
        believe we stole a crack from an application wich has an         
        installer of less then 1,5Mb? Beside you don't have to be a      
        genius to understand this application, right o mighty nuker?     
        Tell us, some applications have a hardcoded serial in many       
        applications the hardcoded serial doesn't get changed by the     
        software developers. If they release version 1 with serial       
        XX-XX-XX-XX and the next month version v1.1 gets released an     
        another group pre's it with the hardcoded serial wich is         
        still the same. Does that mean they have stoled it?              
        It looks like there are a lot of kiddies in the scene who        
        doesn't understand the art of cracking. If you cannot handle     
        it, just leave the scene easy as hell. Next time when you're     
        nuking something, please nuke your house so we don't have to     
        write any nfo anymore.                                           
        We have proven we didn't steal anything. So next time please     
        think twice before nuking again. If you don't have the proper    
        knowlegde to understand a code like this (and why we didn't      
        steal it), don't worry you have plenty of time to practise       
        and learn.                                                       
        - YPOGEiOS 2oo9 STiLL ALiVE                                      
        CD Copy Master is a useful CD copy utility. With the program,    
        you can copy all kinds of CD disc, and the copied CD would be    
        all the same with original one.                                  
        You can also use CD Copy Master to copy audio tracks from CD     
        on your hard disk; rip audio tracks from a CD and save them      
        to your hard drive in various audio formats, like MP3, WMA,      
        OGG and other, and create custom audio CD from MP3 , WAV, OGG    
        and WMA files; and erase rewritable discs.                       
        CD Copy Master is able to work with audio CDs as well as with    
        data discs.                                                      
   [   ]                         iNSTALL NOTES                         [   ]

        1. Install the application.                                     
        2. Register the application with the details below:             
           Name.....: YPOGEiOS                                          
           Serial...: CCM87001                                          
        3. Enjoy this YPOGEiOS release!                                 
   [   ]                          GROUP NOTES                          [   ]
        We are a small group and we currently we could use some help we 
        are looking for the following:
        [] talended crackers who are able to crack applications for the
           Windows OS any other OS would be fine.
        [] talended  unpackers  who  are  able to  defeat the most used
           protectors such as Armadillo, Asprotect, ExeShield etc.
        [] talended keygenners who are able to keygen the most used reg
           schemes such  as  MD5, RDA,  DES, BLOWFiSH or any custom reg
        [] talended gamehackers who are able to train the newest games
           for the Windows platform.   

        [] 100MBiT EU/ASIA/US affil site.
        [] dumps for group ussage!
        If you think we could use you in our team then do not hesitate
        send us an email on:

   [   ]                             GREETZ                            [   ]

                NeoX  *  CAMERA  *  HHS  *  USZ  *  PDFWriters