Download DBF Viewer Pro v5.1.1.6 with DBF Extended Library Addon keygen by YAG

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YAG presents keygen for DBF Viewer Pro v5.1.1.6 with DBF Extended Library Addon


TEAM YAG presents:
              DBF Viewer PRO v5.1.1.6 with DBF Extended Library

Release-Date: 2005-04-16
Program Typ : dbf manager
URL         :


DBF Viewer PRO is the original visual tool for managing your DBF Files in windows. It provides support for
FoxPro, Clipper and HiPer-SIx tables. This latest release is packed with powerful features to help make your
job even easier.

* XP Style Menus. - Providing a sleeker XP style look and feel.
* Printing/Previewing of data/results. - Now it's simple to preview and print your data or your SQL
  query results directly from DBF Viewer PRO.
* Apollo Database Server support. - Connect to your ADS server over any valid IP connection.
* SQL Query Analyzer - local and remote query support, allowing multiple sessions per ADS connection.
* Quick Grid Export options - HTML, SYLK/Excel, CSV, Text ;
* Data Transformer options - DBF,SYLK/Excel, CSV, Text, Custom, includes memo fields and full expression
* Expression Builder - evaluates your dbf expressions as you type.
* Formula's Tab - makes it simple to attach valid expressions to your table without changing the structure.
* Improved Update Multiple Records - pick and choose your fields with full expression support.
* and much more ...


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