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Diver Deep Water Adventures (c) BiArt

Release Date  :  19 JAN 2007
Protection    :  Starforce 4.70
Game info     :  Underwater Simulator
Player falls into another strange world, his life depends on equipment.    
Sea never forgives any mistakes.                                           
For player one must become an ocean's researcher and complete many         
adventures in the underwater world.                                        
Player must pass the course of instruction and obtain '                    
the diver's certificate,                                                   
which will allow it to participate in the dip.                             
Player will become a professional diver '                                  
and will perform many great discoveries.                                   
This game is a mi of 3d tactical strategies                                
and first person adventure action.                                         
All events of the game are developed under water, in the underwater reign; 
you must carry out a lot of tasks, beginning from lifting of treasures, '  
and the destruction of enormous white sharks,                              
to the surveys for National Geographic publishing house..                  
In the game you should plunge into a underwater life and to accomplish     
the enormous quantity of unforgettable adventures.                         
Nevertheless, to earn for living by diving, you can only after graduating  
from the courses and getting of the of the professional diver.             
Special attention in game is given to the reliability.                     
Any underwater mission represents a real place and event.                  
For eample, in one task you will have to moor in passage Kattegat          
for searching and rising of the documents from the sunk submarine          
of the Second World war.                                                   
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