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YPOGEiOS presents keygen for Family Folder Hider v2.8 WinALL Incl Patcher SCENE NOTE


________                THE FUTURE iS NEARBY!                ________
    /_     _/____________________________________________________/       /
     /    /      _/        /      /       /        /___/       /    /___/_
     \_____     /   _  /  /      /  _____/_   _   /___        /\____      \
         _/    /   //____/ /    /  /__    / \____/   /   /   /     /      /
  ASCii /_____/   /_  /________/_    /   /      /   /_______/      ______/
   BY:      /______/            /_______/\_____/____\      /______/
 nFO BY:
                        P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S

   ┌────┤   Family Folder Hider v2.8 WinALL Incl Patcher SCENE NOTE   ├────┐
  ┌│    └┬─│───────────────────────────────────────────────────────│─┬┘    │┐
  ││                                                                       ││
  ││   CRACKER................YPOGEiOS │ RELEASE DATE.........24/02/2010   ││
  ││   SUPPLiER...............YPOGEiOS │ FiLE TYPE...............ZiP/RAR   ││
  ││   PACKER.................YPOGEiOS │ FiLE SiZE.............01/5.00MB   ││
  ││   RELEASE TYPE...............PROG │ OS.......................WinALL   ││
  ││   CRACK TYPE..............PATCHER │ PROTECTOR..................NONE   ││
  └│                                                                       │┘
   [   ]                      RELEASE DESCRiPTiON                      [   ]
        Family Folder Hider will give you the possibility to hide all    
        your sensitive information from your kids, spouse or even        
        hackers. With a couple of clicks of the mouse button any         
        folder can be instantly hidden from view and is in fact          
        removed from all windows explorers etc.                          
        You might have some pictures or video's that you want to hide    
        from the kids, our software will let you hide the folder they    
        are in so no one knows that they are even there. You might       
        also want to hide a folder that contains all your passwords      
        or sensitive information such as bank accounts etc. If your      
        PC gets stolen no one will find your data. Family Folder         
        Hider is really the only security tool that you will ever need.  
        SCENE NOTE: this note is about our last nuked release, Scabery.E 
        xpression.Calculator.v2.0.2. CRD released a so                   
        called PROPER version and our release got nuked with the         
        following release:                                               
        Well, our release DOES work it seems like the CRD cracker        
        didnt test our release properly. Here is the proof our           
        release does work.                                               
        1. This application has a 30-day trial limit, just set your      
        clock a few months later, you'll get a NAG which wants to        
        force you to buy the application. Apply our patcher and set      
        your PC time a few months later, and you'll notice there will    
        be no NAG. The application works.                                
        2. As for the serial, our patcher does allow you to insert       
        any serial as long all the textbox are filled, so apply the      
        patcher and insert e.x serial:                                   
        And yeah not it DOES say Thank You :) Summary, after the         
        patcher got applied the application doesn't expire plus it       
        accept any serial as long 5 chars are entered in every           
        textbox. So, conlusion, is the CRD the proper version? I         
        don't think so. Nuker you all know what to do now.               
   [   ]                         iNSTALL NOTES                         [   ]

        1. Install the application.                                     
        2. Apply the patcher from ypogeios dir.                         
        3. Enter any bogus registration info if needed.                 
        4. Enjoy this YPOGEiOS release!                                 
        Stupid injury :(                                                
   [   ]                          GROUP NOTES                          [   ]
        We are a small group and we currently we could use some help we 
        are looking for the following:
        [] talended crackers who are able to crack applications for the
           Windows OS any other OS would be fine.
        [] talended  unpackers  who  are  able to  defeat the most used
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        [] talended gamehackers who are able to train the newest games
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        [] 100MBiT EU/ASIA/US affil site.
        [] dumps for group ussage!
        If you think we could use you in our team then do not hesitate
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   [   ]                             GREETZ                            [   ]

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