Download Half Life: Opposing Force U.S. release

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Use this GAMECRKR util to REMOVE or REINSERT the CD check in the add-on 
Half Life: Opposing Force

Versions of Opposing Force supported in this GameCracker:

- original CD install v1.0.0.0
- patched v1.0.0.1
- patched CTF v1.1.0.0
- HL patched only v1.1.0.1 (new opfor.dll placed)
- OF patched CTF v1.1.0.1
- OF patched CTF v1.1.0.3

Target file to crack: OPFOR.DLL

Whenever a newer version of Opposing Force gets released, this
util shall also be updated and posted.


Unzip this util to where your OPFOR.DLL file is located.
It should be someplace like \halflife\gearbox\dlls\opfor.dll

Choose the Opposing Force "version" game you wish to crack. 

Press the up/down arrow keys to highlight your version to crack.

Press the left/right arrow keys to select whether you want to 
CRACK the game, UNDO a previous crack (so that everything would 
be exactly like original), or set the directory PATH for the 
game (if located somewhere else on the HD). The default game 
path is your current DOS/Win95/Win98/WinNT directory location. 

When you select CRACK or UNDO, on the screen appears a window 
showing the cracking progress. If you wanted to crack a game 
that is already cracked or uncrack a game that is not cracked, 
an error message is displayed. If everything is OK, the "Done!" 
message is displayed for the file cracked. You can select CANCEL 
to get back to the game selection menu. To exit this program, 
press ESC.

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