Download Napster v2 Beta 10.3

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Napster Version 2 Beta 10.3 - -=LOADER Version 2=-

[x] Loader (For zero file upload message)

Loader By: CRaK-HeD


 // CRaK - HeD \\
||              ||
 \\ Introduces //

Napster Version 2 Beta 10.3 - -= LOADER Version 2 =-

[x] Loader (by: CRaK-HeD)


                        -= NAP-LOAD.EXE =-

-= Old-Load.exe is the old version loader, and does not work correctly =-
-= I included this file for no reason at all. Dont use it, use NapLoad =-


IMPORTANT! This program is not intended to be used. Do not use this program !



When you install Napster and set your maximum uploads to 0 (Maximum uploads
are set to zero when a user does not want to share possible unauthorized mp3's.)
... You will receive a "Your uploads are set to zero" message, and you must
click "No" to continue. This message remains until you raise your upload #.

To use: Install and run napster. Set maximum uploads to 0. Restart napster
and make sure you get the message. Click NO. Right click the taskbar icon and
select EXIT to close napster. Now place the Nap-Load.exe in your choice of
folder. Run the nap load program and follow the configuration setup. Enjoy.

Program: Currently Version 2.0 Final with Configuration editor.

This loader can be run from any point on your PC to load Napster.

If you changed the Napster folder and need to setup the loader, you can
use the enclosed Nap-Con.exe file to edit preferences, or with the old 
way by simply start the SFloader.exe program with a /s switch. Example:

Nap-Load.exe /s

-------CRaK-HeD-------- 6-28-2k1

Do not use this file. Use of this loader may be a violation of law in your
area. Any use of this program illegally is no responsibility of 
my own. This program is not to be distributed ! Simple bypass example final 1.