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                                 Paraben's Mah-jong v2.4

* The Game

  Paraben's mah-jong is a user-friendly test of your tile solitaire skills.
  Paraben's mah-jong is available in both a 2D and 3D versions.  All game windows
  can be resized to your preference from game to game. Each tile was designed to
  simulate playing with true tiles making the game more realistic. Multiple
  language options makes Paraben's mah-jong the ultimate choice in tile

* The Crack

  = Disables any windows at the begining
  = Enables the game to run forever

* Cracking Procedure

  = Run ParabensMahjongCrack.exe
  = Accept warning message
  = Press [Locate] and find Mahj*.exe file (there are 3 EXE versions possible)
  = When everything is OK, press [Crack]
  = What could be not OK:
     - Signatures not found - different game version (the crack is for 2.4)
     - Mahj*.exe has other attribute than Archive (eg. Read Only)
     - The game is running
     - The EXE file is on network drive or CD/DVD-ROM
     - You don't have proper rights to modify the EXE file

  You can crack all 3 EXE files (Mahj2D.exe, MahjDX.exe, MahjGL.exe).
  If you see a "Please Register..." window, click [Register] and enter any data.
* Contact Address

  moffet at poczta dot onet dot pl