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        RELEASE NAME ..... Prosoft Engineering RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC v2.1
        SUPPLIER ......... Team EDGE
        CRACKER .......... Team EDGE
        PROTECTION ....... Serial
        RELEASE DATE ..... 24/06/2008
        SIZE ............. 9 x 5MB
        URL ..............



              Prosoft Engineering RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC v2.1

   RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC is the best solution for recovering files from a
   crashed or virus-corrupted hard drive.

   Other utilities can cause more damage to your hard drive and files by trying
   to "fix" the problem, instead of focusing on recovering your files.

   Do not use a repair utility until you've safely recovered your important
   files and stored them in a safe location.

   RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC is revolutionary in both ease-of-use and power,
   it comes with a bootable CD so there is no need to install additional
   software to recover your data, Simply insert the CD and reboot your

   Data Rescue PC will automatically access your drive and then guide you
   through the file recovery process with simple step-by-step directions.

   With an easy to use graphical user interface, you select the files you
   wish to recover, then Data Rescue PC will copy those files over to your
   external USB or FireWire hard drive, secondary internal hard drive, or a
   network drive.

   Because Data Rescue PC comes on a bootable CD, it works in more cases
   than traditional Windows-based recovery tools.

    - More file format viewers
    - Pause/Restart (across launches)
    - Hex viewer
    - USB Bootable
    - RAID driver support
    - NTFS support (as a destination volume)
    - More debug output (useful during tech support calls).



   1. Unzip, unrar and burn the iso.

   2. Generate a serial with the keygen in the edge directory.

   3. Enjoy!


  We are a new group, dedicated to quality and not quantity, more info coming!



EDGE presents keygen for Prosoft Engineering RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC v2.1