Download Windows XP SP1 and SP2 Activation crack

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Windows_XP_Key_Viewer.exe 262727 257243
Windows_XP_Product_Activation_Killer.exe 69632 24007
Windows_XP_Service_Pack_2_Keygen.exe 98304 38859
Help.txt 2258 983
Setup (Click Me!!!).bat 1195 487


Windows XP Activation Crack 

     Files Included:
     Setup (Click Me!!!).bat

 Microsoft being the nice people that they are :) dont like people 
 copying their software. So in service pack 2 they check to see if 
 you have a legitimate windows CD Key. If not i think it will disable 
 your windows or something. 

 Fortunately for us poor folks there are people out there that can 
 crack software :)

 Step 1

 To acivate Windows XP double click on [Setup (Click Me!!!).bat]

 Select option 2 from the menu to open the key generator.
 This will allow you to generate a CD for service pack 2.

 Select Windows XP Pro. VLK from the product family and then click
 generate. Now you have a CD Key for Service pack 2.

 You now have 2 options: 

 1. Write down the CD Key and open the program called Windows Key Viewer.
    Windows Key Viewer displays your current windows XP CD KEY.

    Select Options/Change Windows Key from the menu.

    Enter your new windows key and click Change.

 2. If for some reason (which i doubt) that your CD Key doesn't change,
    select option 5 from the menu to view Windows Activation Status.
    Don't worry its not contacting Microsoft.

    Select the option - Yes, I want to telephone a customer service 
                        represntative to acivate Windows.

    Click Next.

    Type in the new windows XP Service Pack 2 CD Key that you created with
    the key generator.

    Now click on update and your Windows XP CD Key should now have been 
    succefully changed.

 Now you have a valid Service Pack 2 CD Key you can activate windows.

 Select option 4 from the menu to run the windows activation crack.

 Click Apply/Browse - Follow any instructions and then the crack should 
 display "Congratulations 'winlogon.exe' was patched successfully."

 Finally reboot your computer and install serivce pack 2.

 If you want to check if windows has been activated select option from from
 the menu. It should display windows is already activated.