Download Windows XP Service Pack 2 activation crack

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KeyGen.exe 98304 38859 8192 334
Setup.bat 376 220
wa.reg 352 210
WPA.exe 69632 24007


1)Open keygen.exe

2) set the product family to windows xp pro. vlk
   and click on generate
   copy the key but not close the keygen ,  open the setup.bat

*now  has open a new window "Let's activate the windows"

3) click on yes i want to telephone a.... and click on next
   then click on change product key and from keygen.exe yor key!
   then click on update!

*now close the window "Windows activation" and wait some seconds!!

4) on new window "WPA killer" click on button apply/browse! and then close the "wpa killer"

Now has open a new windows "windows activation" and hes write "Windows already Activated. Click ok to exit."
Click on ok button and restart your pc! Thats it Welcome to sp2 world!

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