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Download AutoCad 2002 crack

Added to site2002-12-31

autocad2002crack.zip (183888 bytes)

Loader.exe 411136 182796
Info.txt 1692 688
Crack.ini 114 100


                                -(o o)-
               │                 ReaL|sTy              │
               │        -----------------------        │
               │                                       │
               │            This Crack/Serial          │           
               │           was Submitted here by :     │
               │           ReaL|sTy The CracKer        │
               │                 Contact:              │
               │        [email protected]        │
               │                Enjoy!! :))            │
               │             .oooO   Oooo.             │
               └─────────────(   )───(   )─────────────┘
		              \ (     ) /
		               \_)   (_/

Time Limit Crack for: AutoCad 2002

by: ReaL|sTy

Url: http://www.autodesk.com

Date: 13/02/2002

Protection: Dongle/Time Limit

Notes: there was a version released on the net with a crack included, i think that was a crack for the dongle but the time limit was stil there and many people got their version expired. if you still got that version installed and want to use it. just do this to be able to use it for unlimited time:

copy the file Loader.exe and Crack.ini to your AutoCad directory where the Aca.exe file is located then always run autocad by running the Loader.exe file   if still don' work then open the Crack.ini file and modify the entry that says:

date=01/01/2001 <<----leave the date format exactly as appear there

but change the date to any  date before the expiration

Good luck and enjoy it! :))

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